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About us

About us:

Romcarbon is a company known on Romanian and European market as a traditional plastic processor. Having 65 years of experience in the processing of polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, polystyrene, Romcarbon has the reputation of the most important plastic packaging manufacturer in Romania and is one of the largest employers in the county of Buzau, counting approximately 900 employees. The company has branch offices in Bucharest, Iasi and Stefanesti.

Over the last decade, Romcarbon is part of the green industry through the investments as shareholder in some of the largest treatment and recycling units in Central and Southeastern Europe.
In mid-2012, Romcarbon puts into operation the most modern plastic wastage recycling plant in Romania. Thus, Romcarbon is now able to close the recycling circle.

As we are aware of the impact our packaging has over the Environment and also because want to support Romania in achieving the plastic wasatge recovery and recycling targets, Romcarbon established the company EcoPack Management SA, authorized for taking over the responsibilities of operators who place packaging on the market. For us, care for the environment is a constant concern.

Mission, Vision, Values

Mission: Romcarbon's mission is to deliver eco-efficient plastic packaging products to serve different domains of industrial and agricultural activity and to close the loop by recycling the plastic wastage resulted, turning it into secondary raw material.

Vision: ROMCARBON will continuously consolidate its business portfolio so that in the following years will place itself within “Top 100 Private Romanian Companies “, both as turnover and as market share.


The accomplishments of an organization are the combined result of its members, working together towards achieving the common goals.
Thus, it is of outmost importance that each employee in ROMCARBON should acknowledge and undertake these goals, in order to be able to reach them and transcend them.

As an investment in ROMCARBON S.A., we need to provide attractive financial return. Profitability is at the essence, because this is the first measure of the company's success, and also its prime source of growth and development.

In order to get profit sustainable in the long run, we need to secure loyalty of our esteemed clients, through top quality products and services at competitive prices.
So to constantly assure top quality services and products we need to make sure that all personnel in ROMCARBON S.A. is highly competent, responsable and innovator for good results.

Furthermore, we need to nurture a working environment allowing all employees to work at their best and grow both as a professional and a character, by sharing a common set of values and a well defined organizational culture.

In the long run, success of ROMCARBON is based on the following VALUES of its organization:


We will develop the business portfolio of ROMCARBON by investing into pioneering business units, which will position the company in sustainable development elite of green investments.
We believe that being the first to achieve excellence in a new field is paramount.
We develop our business not after the market of yesterday, but the as we envision the future of sustainable development.
We commit the right resources to the right vision and expect the right results of all our actions.
Our organizational culture supports the innovation and, for this reason, we sustain the visions in favor of traditional activity.


We will obtain enough profit to give a good return on investment for the stakeholders and to finance the growth and sustainable development of ROMCARBON S.A.' business.
Profit is the reward not only for offering the right services and products, but also for the earnestness we show to our stakeholders.
Profit is the key measure of the company's activity in the long run, basis to financial strength and safety of the business itself and of the employees of ROMCARBON S.A.
Without achieving the profit goal, we cannot possibly achieve any other goal of ROMCARBON S.A.


We will assure our esteemed clients good value for their money.
Our clients' interests will always be our own interests, in a partnership spirit in the long run.
We are determined to obtain a preferential relationship with each of our clients, by nurturing interpersonal trust and by offering services and products of best quality at competitive prices.
Our services and products will bring our clients best value for their money.
Our best efforts will focus onto those market segments, services and products for which we can achieve leadership position.


We will provide a labor environment in which the employees can work at their best capacity and grow along with ROMCARBON. S.A.
Our employees are the most important resource of ROMCARBON S.A.
We want to attract, develop and retain people of value in our organization.
We want to assure training and development opportunities for willing and able employees.
We want our employees to work at their best capacity, have initiatives, wish to stay with us and grow along with ROMCARBON S.A. We want that each employee in ROMCARBON S.A. get the recognition she/he deserves, and be proud of her/his achievements.


We will assure a framework to encourage and reward good results of management teams.
We prefer consultative and participative management to directive management.
We encourage delegation of authority, empowerment and decision-making at the lowest level possible.
We insist on collective effort and team working.
We believe in straightforward communication, that stimulates trust, pro-active attitude, learning and innovation within ROMCARBON S.A.
We back up and apply the concept of "superior rewards for superior achievements".


We promote a set of values on which all policies within ROMCARBON S.A. are to be founded on:
We do believe that perfection should be the ultimate goal of any effort and that our dedication to ceaseless improvement and innovation should be a permanent challenge.
We do believe in integrity, objectivity and fair-play both in business and within ROMCARBON S.A. interpersonal relationships.
We do believe in mutual trust and respect.
We do believe that work can be pleasant.
We do believe in the future of ROMCARBON S.A.


1952 - The workers stepped for the first time in "Chimica factory" in order to produce fabrics of amino plastics and Bakelite.

1957 - The Activated Carbon and Breathing Protective Materials workshops started to function.

1960 The factory changes its name into "Plastic Items Manufacture".

1962 - The factory starts producing filter cells, PSE thermoformed items and PE foil/bags.

1970 The production capacities for thermoformed and PE items are increased:
- new machines and equipments are put into function
- start using "agglomeration" method in PE processing
- start producing air filter cells
- start producing PVC granules

1977 - It starts the production of pipes, adapting pieces and PVC linking products.

1982 - It is commissioned the workshop in Beceni, where are produced weaved PP bags.

1987 - Another workshop is commissioned- PVC/PE insulated electrical wires.

1991 -The factory changes its name into "SC ROMCARBON SA".

1993 - The PP weaved bags section is extended, starting a new workshop in Buzau.

1995 - It is commissioned a workshop producing multilayer bags for cement.
- The company starts to pass into private hands, through MEBO method.

1996 - It is put into function the PVC capsules/ PVC thermo-contractible foil equipment.

1997 - It starts the production of auto filters- "Pocket" type.

2000 - ROMCARBON S.A. becomes a 100% private capital company.

2003 - "Living Plastic Industry", a Taiwanese investor, becomes the main shareholder.

2004 - It is commissioned the workshop producing EPS trays, at that time, Romcarbon being the sole national producer. Starting 2010, this sector runs an investment program aimed at production hall's modernization and at new equipment's purchasing. The new investment involves increasing the thermoforming capacity by purchasing an automatic thermoforming machine for absorbent trays, as well as purchasing last generation moulds. Through the variety of models, our product range will cover most requirements coming from the market. This investment will increase the processing capacity up to 500 tons / month. The investment program also includes the purchase of a new machine for XPS panels, acquisition which has the same purpose: to increase the production capacity and improve the quality of these products. The entire investment program run in this sector casts up to approximate 5 million Eur.

2005 - An ERP is implemented in order to organize, in the most proper way, the company resources.

- ROMCARBON S.A.becomes shareholder in GREEENFIBER INTERNATIONAL S.A. - producer of recycled polyester staple fibers and PET strapping

- ROMCARBON S.A. ioutsources the IT department, and in this regard set-up INFO TECH SOLUTIONS S.R.L. - a company proving consultancy in IT field

- ROMCARBON S.A. becomes shareholder in ENERGO INSTALL S.R.L. - a company which provides sanitary-engineering installations

2006 - It starts the production of PP bags; the bags woven out of polypropylene tapes, referred to as "raffia bags" are used for packing the granulated, powdery, alimentary and non-alimentary products, both in agriculture and industry, being the most economical and accessible type of package.

- ROMCARBON outsources the commercial and Purchasing / Logistics department and in this regard sets-up TOTAL COMMERCIAL MANAGEMENT S.R.L.- sole commercial agent for ROMCARBON S.A.

2007 - The company is listed at BVB (Bucharest Stock Exchange) second tier

- Purchase of a part from TEROM Iasi Asset

- ROMCARBON S.A. becomes shareholder in YENKY CLUB SRL- the biggest sports base in Buzau

- ROMCARBON S.A. becomes shareholder in GREENTECH S.A. – the first plastic recycling company in Romania

- ROMCARBON S.A. becomes shareholder in GRINFILD Ukraine

- ROMCARBON S.A. becomes shareholder in SIGUREC International S.A.

2009 - ROMCARBON S.A. becomes shareholder in GreenWEEEE International S.A. - the biggest integrated treatment plant for electric and electronic equipment waste (WEEE) in Romania

- ROMCARBON becomes shareholder in ASOCIATIA ECOLOGICA GREENLIFE - non-profit association

2011 - ROMCARBON S.A. becomes shareholder in RECYPLAT LTD CIPRU

- ROMCARBON S.A. becomes shareholder in LIVING JUMBO INDUSTY S.A. - manufacturer of "big bags"

2012 - Opening the "Plastic compounds and recycled granules" section.

- The sale of 75 % from the share portfolio held by ROMCARBON in Greenfiber International S.A., Greentech S.A., GreenWEEE International S.A. towards a "joint-venture" company owned by the investment fund SEEF and by EBRD

- ROMCARBON S.A. becomes shareholder in ROMCARBON DEUTSCHLAND GmBh

- ROMCARBON S.A. becomes shareholder in ECO PACK MANAGEMENT S.R.L. a company established for the purpose of taking over the responsibility from the companies in order to achieve the annual targets of recovery and recycling in the packaging wastage

- ROMCARBON S.A. becomes shareholder in TAIPEI CIMEO S.R.L. - Chinese traditional medicine center

2015 - New investment in "Plastic compounds and recycled granules" sector; a new line of sorting, cleaning and processing of waste plastics was aquired;

- Increasing the production capacity in "Polyethylene" sector through acquisition of latest technologies in the field of extrusion;

- Livingjumbo Industry SA invests in the production of multilayer films and PET trays for MAP packaging. The investment amounts to 9.5 million euros, is financed with European funds and the products manufactured are promoted in the market under the brand "LIVING fresh".

- Since the 5th of January 2015, according to BVB new market segmentation, Romcarbon is listed under „Standard�? category


ROMCARBON S.A. is developing voluntary activities, determined not by law or legal provisions, but by the desire to ensure the sustainable development of both our company and the community in which we operate, as well as to achieve the social and environmental objectives.
The company manifest civic spirit, promotes and sustains the public interest and the concept of social responsiveness.
In developing its activity, ROMCARBON S.A. takes into account not only its own interests, but also the impact of its actions over all third parties involved.
By the actions we promote, we want to implement "social responsibility" not only as a concept in our company, but as a form of modern, participative, perfectly adjustable for today's business context way of management.


ROMCARBON S.A. is actively involved in children's education (older or younger) , through direct sponsorship towards local educational units, such as: "B.P. Hasdeu" High school , Elementary school "Captain Aviator Mircea T. Badulescu", Vernesti "Trade School" – those being just some of the educational units ROMCARBON S.A. has chosen to interact with, inside its community.

ROMCARBON S.A. believes in the old saw "Mens sana in corpore sano" and invests in a social action that supports the community, respectively one of the most popular sports club in the city of Buzau, "Yenki Club" which offers its customers 4 tennis courts, as well as a "football-tennis" ground. Here, the young and the old alike can come either to learn the secrets of tennis or to improve their game tactics.

Known as the largest tennis club in Buzau, "Yenki Club" is regularly organizing tournaments, both for professionals and for amateurs.

The 2% Campaign

Since May 2007, ROMCARBON S.A. starts promoting Article 54 from Law no. 571/2003 of Fiscal Code, which allows to all taxpayers to direct 2% out of their individual income tax towards one of many NGOs, in order to support various social causes: education, health, environment or animals, as well as other areas.

The company' s employees were informed about the specifics of some NGOs towards which they can choose to direct 2% of income tax, but at the same time, they were explained that they are free to decide if they want to redirect the 2% of income tax towards non-profit entities, towards others, or not at all. Each year, an average of 450 company's employees opts to redirect 2 percent of income tax to various associations, foundations, mutual benefit society, etc.

The tradition says that whoever receives carol singers in his home, in the new year he will get health, richness and fulfilling desires.

Promoter of traditions and of the ancient Christian tradition, ROMCARBON S.A. received this year the folk ensemble "Ballad" from Buzau Technical College.

A group of 18 students came to the bring us Christmas carols. They gave the hosts a beautiful concert of carols and winter songs.

Because we were delighted with their voice, the students were rewarded with traditional sweets by the General Manager of the company - Ms Banucu Ileana.

This event is part of a program run and supported by ROMCARBON S.A. which supports activities of children and program that includes activities undertaken over the years, such as " Asphalt Drawing Contest", "2008 Environment Day", "2011's World Environment Day", "2012 World Environment Day", "Open Day " the school program "Non-formal Education".

The Management of ROMCARBON SA takes this opportunity and wishes all its employees "Merry Christmas, Health and Fulfillment" along with the traditional "Happy New Year".

We are members of the Romanian Association of Sanitation

On 4th of september 2014 Romcarbon attended the General Assembly of the Romanian Association of Sanitation elections as a member of this patrolan and professional association, unique in Romania. ARS is a member of the International Solid Waste Association ISWA and affiliate member of the European Federation of Waste Management and Environmental Services (European Federation of Waste Management and Environmental Services - FEAD).

Romcarbon, as final waste recycler, along with other members of the Association: sanitation operators, local authorities, design and consulting firms, and other waste recyclers, provides full suport of this entity’s action directors:

Promoting the interests of its members;
permanent involvement in the drafting of legislation on waste management in Romania;
dynamic involvement in waste management in Romania, through studies and market research;
Initiate contracts with organizations in order to attract funds and grants, both for members and for the sustainable development of the association's activities.

After 15 years of existence, the Association changes its name into Romanian Sanitation Association for Waste Management, wanting in this way to emphasize the role that it plays in waste management from collection until recovery.

We believe that Romcarbon’s attendace in this entity, as final recycler will lead to better implementation of plastic waste management in Romania during 2014-2020, and help to achieve the recycling targets imposed by European Union.


We have donated! You, guys?

Romcarbon team answered the call made by Health Minister last days, regaridng the crisis of blood reserves.

Thus, on 26th and 27th of August, over 30 employees of the company went to the Local Transfusion Centre to donate blood to those who need it.

Registration to this humanitarian action was voluntary, the belief of all who donated blood being it is going to save a life.

All who were present at the transfusion center have committed to donate blood regularly.

Do YOU know that donating blood can save up to three lives? From the amount of donated blood once, it can be extracted items that can save the lives of three patients.

Red blood cells (RBCs) - can be kept up to 35 days and are used especially on patients in operating rooms and intensive care;
Platelets – can be kept up to 5 days and are helpful for cancer and leukemia patients;
Plasma - can be frozen and lasts up to a year, is mainly used in treatment of injured and patients with burns.

Donate blood and give someone a chance at life!

We have donated! You, guys?


Campaign World Environment Day

On 5th of June 2007, on the World Environment Day, ROMCARBON has conducted the environmental campaign "For a cleaner world", organized with Greentech, Greenfiber International and International GreenWEEE in Buzau.

Partners of the event were the Environmental Protection Agency Buzau, Buzau Prefecture and City Hall Buzau.

During the campaign were involved students from Buzau Children's Palace, College BP Haşdeu Technical College Buzau, Buzau Sports High School, High School D. Filipescu, School No. 11 Buzau, School no. 1 Buzau, School and Kindergarten Policiori, wh distributed flyers in different areas of the town drawing the attention on both harmful wasatges and solutions for a healthier and cleaner environment.

ROMCARBON, together with partner companies, has sponsored the schools with green bins for selective collection wastege, as well as with books on environmental issues, useful in school activity of the students.

The event ended with a protest march on environmental pollution to attract attention on global warming. Children, teachers and employees of the organizing companies have walked around the town, carrying placards with environmental messages.

The campaign had a great impact on the city, with many representatives of local media.

The contest of children asphalt drawings was held on the International Day of the Environment

Another event that took place for celebrating the environment Day was organized at the Foreign Investors Council Buzau, Romcarbon SA being a member of this organization.

The event took place on 3rd of July 2007 on the Nicole Balcescu Boulevard and consisted in an asphalt drawings contest, the theme being “We have a single Earth. Let’s give it priority!�?. The purpose of this action was to raise the awareness of the community on the environment protection, ecological reconstruction and sustainable development in Buzau county.

Partners on this action were the general schools nr. 1, 8 and 15 from Buzau. The main awards consisted in tents, sleeping bags, and thermos and flowerpots and several other promotional products were offered to passersby.

"Campaign - World Environment Day 2011"

Every year the day of 5th of June is an opportunity for countries worldwide to initiate and organize large-scale actions on environmental issues to celebrate the environment; from planting trees and greening of various areas- such as bank rivers, to extensive campaigns to collect different types of waste.

This year also Buzau celebrated the Environment Day.

Thus, at the initiative of the Environmental Guard, ROMCARBON SA, together with GreenTech, GreenWEEE and GreenFiber International, took part on the actions that took place on Piata Daciei, on 3rd of June 2011.

This year we chose to mark the World Environment Day by organizing an action that targeted 5 secondary schools in Buzau, namely: School of Arts "George Emil Palade" School No.7 High School sports program 'Iolanda Balas Shroter "and Pedagogical School" Spiru Haret ".

Specifically, the activity consisted in two competitions – one of suits and one of drawings, both ecological theme; students from participating schools were organized in 5 teams of 10 students each. Through the drawing contest, children tried to express in a more personal way how each of them understands the concept of "Ecology"; on the other hand, the costume contest was a veritable parade, each school designating a representative who presented an unique outfit made of recyclable materials such as newspapers, bags, crepe paper etc.

The manifestation was held under the slogan "Generate me as little as you can", thus trying to draw an alarm signal in order to make people aware that the planet's resources are limited and it is our duty to manage them rationally.

In the Dacia Market we placed a PET monster that was observed by the passersby and also by the participants throughout the event; the “monster�? was achieved by the joint efforts of partner companies, it is the symbol of protest against pollution in city parks and streets.

The action ended with the awards ceremony, the awards for "Most Original Costume" and "The most successful drawing". ROMCARBON S.A. engages and supports not only the recycling activity, but also its complementary activities, environmental activities that have an educational purpose.

From the "lesson well learned in childhood turns into habit into adulthood", and that is vital to teach children to nurturing and respect nature, ROMCARBON SA aligns to the ecological trend and continues to initiate and support activities designed to form children in our county in real environmentalists, and why not, even in models for adults.

ROMCARBON S.A. preserves Winter Holidays tradition

At the beginning of winter holidays, ROMCARBON S.A. received the carol singers from the folk ensemble "Ballad" Dance Club from Technical College Buzau. Children pleasantly surprised the company's employees, who gathered in a large number to listen to the greetings. The voices of children singing traditional carols brought closer the holiday spirit and have animated the atmosphere of a typical day at the office.

Dressed in traditional costumes, the group of 10 students aged between 14 and 16 years, under the guidance of their teacher Ms Carmen Tanase played some of the most popular Romanian Christmas carols.

Because they brought the joy of Christmas for the one who listened, the carol singers were rewarded by the company’s management.

ROMCARBON S.A. keeps the tradition of the winter holidays and the specific customs, believes in their durability and sustains the initiative- of the little ones and also of the bigger ones- who proclaim the traditions and romanian ancient values.

ROMCARBON S.A. started an action to help the villages in Buzau affected by the snowdrifts

Extreme weather events and large amounts of snow that have swept across Romania in recent weeks have affected tens of thousands of people, many of them rural residents of Buzau County.

ROMCARBON S.A. did not remain indifferent to the drama that these people lived and organized a humanitarian action in order to help those that were hardly tested by the force of nature.

ROMCARBON S.A. joined the local authorities from the first line (firefighters, militaries) helping with the necessary materials in order to remove the snow from the isolated villages. Together with the directly involved institutions, the company helped to release from the snowdrifts the villages Robeasca and Sageata, villages that were severely damaged by the heavy snowfall from the last days; Intervening with shovels and snow machines, the authorities managed to release from under the snowdrifts hundreds of households.

ROMCARBON S.A. also contributed with packaging from their own production necessary to transport the collected food from one of the “Food collection�? centers from Buzau for the affected villages.

Our company has distributed personal hygiene products for the street people who in this period were housed in a temporary shelter in the city.

Common sense, humanity, solidarity and civic responsibility are values that guide ROMCARBON SA in these times when our neighbors are put on test, for who, to the extent possible, we will continue to stand by, helping them with everything we can.

During "A different school week" ROMCARBON SA was visited by children from class VIII B of the School Nr. 1 "Capitan Aviator Mircea T Badulescu"

Friday, 6th of April, 2012, 18 children accompanied by their class teacher Mrs Bavulescu Ramona, crossed the factory to visit the production facility and learn more about the manufacturing process of "ROMCARBON" products. During the visit, some of the production specialists accompanied the children and explained the role of each machine in the production process. For their first time in a factory, children were very interested to understand the stages of production flow; "raffia" bags, solar foil or trays type "catering" are just some of the products which children learned how they are produced. Finally, children have received a product made in each of the sectors visited.

ROMCARBON S.A. considers that visiting a factory is highly constructive at this age, having a major impact on the kids, on the one hand because it creates a clearer picture of reality and enriches their knowledge, and on the other hand, because this way, children will know how to choose their jobs in the future, not just hearsay, but knowingly.

For our company, the visit of children in factory areas has meant a means of carrying out an activity with the purpose citizen; an interactive business networking and communication, especially an activity that we chose to get involved in social responsibility, like a "good corporate citizen" constantly concerned about the community in which they operate.

If it's June 5th, it’ is World Environment Day, and if it’s World Environment Day, SC ROMCARBON SA is an active part in at least one action of environmental education

Applying the same estimate this year, ROMCARBON SA, with Greenfiber International SA, Greentech SA, Greenweee SA and GreenLamp Recycling Ltd, joined the action organized by the Environmental Guard Buzau to World Environment Day celebration.

This year's activity consisted of a drawing contest - with ecological theme - competition in which were enrolled School Nr. 1 "Capitan Aviator Mircea T. Badulescu" School of Arts "Margareta Sterian" and School Nr. 11, the latter being the host of the event. The year 2012 is the "International Year of Sustainable Energy for All" and the theme of the entire manifestation was "Green economy. Does it include you?". Children have sounded the alarm on the irresponsible use of natural resources and excessive pollution of the planet. Finally, the best drawings were awarded prizes in sports, thus trying to promote a healthy lifestyle, since an early age.

World Environment Day is celebrated each year on 5th of June, and this year they reached 40 years of celebration of this day (1972 – the year World Environment Day was celebrated for the first time at the initiative of the United Nations). On this occasion, our company joined the supporters of the environment, sustainable development and enhancement of quality of life.

By supporting these events - the message sent and extent of these activities - ROMCARBON SA draws attention to environmental issues and aims of the empowering members of the community in which they operate.

Romcarbon opened its doors in Week "A different school week"

About 100 students visited in week 1 to 5 April 2013 Romcarbon platform in the Week "Otherwise School" program organized by the Ministry of National Education and implemented this year under the slogan "Let's know more, to be better."

The students of class X F of the National College "B.P.Hasdeu" and students from STEP BY STEP from "Spiru Haret", had the opportunity to see for themselves how raffia bags, foil agriculture, disposable trays or auto filters are produced. Both little ones and older ones have shown excited to know directly from production specialists, the manufacturing process of these goods, children having the opportunity to discover how much work involves the development of all objects that we use daily often without thinking how hard or easy it is their production.

The children's joy was even bigger as many of their parents or grandparents worked at some point on this platform, so that these children had already learned some "stories" about our factory. At the end of the presentation tour, the students received a product made in each of the visited areas. We are glad that there is interest from both the teachers and the students to visit us and we promise that every year we open the doors to all those interested in the hope that we manage, with good will, with the resources we have available and especially with our good intentions to become a landmark not only for the economy but also for the local community.

We believed that at least a small part of our visitors will become employees of our company tomorrow.

A successful partnership between Romcarbon SA and Chamber of Commerce and Industry Buzau

Chamber of Commerce and Industry Buzau is an autonomous institution, from 28th of October 1928. Romcarbon enjoys the membership of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Buzau, which gives our company affiliation to an elite organization.

Through the nature of the activities it performs, Chamber of Commerce and Industry Buzau has a particularly important role in the development of local business environment.

Throughout the collaboration, the CCIA representatives sustained and supported the interests of Romcarbon, though the provided services, consultancy business activities, activities organized in professional training line, by organizing trade missions and business events, both in the country, and abroad, promoting inter-district and inter-state collaboration.

Through direct contact with businesses, Chamber of Commerce and Industry Buzau acts as a bridge between them and the market, which allows it to identify the problems of the economy and promotes actions and measures the formation and development of market economy.

We appreciate the involvement of the Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture Buzau as essential in defending and promoting the interests of traders and industrialists from Buzau and we are confident that together we will develop sustainable projects for the progress and economic stability of our city.

World Environment Day 2013

Also this year, "environmental volunteers" of Buzau County - Commissioners National Environmental Guard, along with the Environmental Protection Agency, with the support of Romcarbon, Petrom and local media, organized a program to celebrate World Environment Day, pursued by the increasing level of education, information and awareness of the small and great alike, in terms of protection and respect for the environment.

The activity took place at the Muddy Volcanoes and consisted of a drawing competition with ecological theme. Students of Classes from School No.11, school classes I-VIII "George Emil Palade" school with classes I-VIII "Ion Creanga" and secondary pupils from High School Teachers "Spiru Haret", displayed originality and creativity in play with shapes and colors the way they understand the link between environmental issues and actions of man in this respect. The drawings were awarded and all children received diplomas.

We remind you that the slogan chosen this year by UNEP is "THINK.EAT.SAVE"; it is a food wasting campaign for awareness of the impact on the environment of our food choices and informed decisions on consumed food.

We continue to support and initiate such activities in the belief that in this way we manage to form an ecological responsible behavior and conduct.

National mourning

Romcarbon joins public authorities and institutions and the national flag is flying at half-mast as a sign of respect for the victims of the tragic accident that took place on the evening of 23rd of June, 2013, the Montenegrin town Grlo.

May God make the missing ones rest in peace!

National mourning

Romcarbon ranked second among companies registered in the first edition of the competition prize CSR


Romcarbon opened its doors again in “A different school week" 2014

Over 100 students, younger and older, visited Romcarbon’s factory in week 7th to 11th of April. This year the students from class ‘0’ from the school no. 15 "George Emil Palade" and the class VII from the School no. 12 "St. Andrew" Buzau to learn "how to make" raffia bags, polystyrene trays or auto filters.

Our production specialists have accompanied children during the presentation tour, explaining for all’s good understanding, throughout the manufacturing process and happily answering questions from the small visitors.

Children had first contact with industrial work environment. Impressed by the complexity of production processes, and the technology needed to achieve the seemingly mundane products, more children now appreciate the work done by their parents.

We welcome the initiative of the Ministry of Education this way and promise that also in the coming year we will continue to be a reliable partner in this educational program.

Romcarbon opened its doors again in A different school week 2014

Romcarbon opened its doors again in A different school week 2014

World Environment Day 2014

Romcarbon proudly sustained also this year's World Environment Day Celebration held in Buzau.

This time, the event was organized in advance, on 31st of May, by the Buzau County School Inspectorate in partnership with the Environmental Guard Buzau, Bucharest University, Faculty of Biology and Prahova County School Inspectorate.

Under the slogan "students’ contributions to environmental protection�? middle school and high school students from Buzau and Prahova conducted and presented projects in order to meet the environment by stimulating curiosity to investigate the surrounding reality.

The main objectives of the activity were:

Capitalization of the experience of students in terms of environmental education and environmental protection;
Developing students’ interest in documentary research application; stimulating their creativity in developing and supporting papers, essays, projects;
Stimulating students to conduct theoretical and practical works by making scientific discoveries and experience in the field recommended;

This activity is part of a series of educational activities that are aimed to determine children since the early ages, to become more aware of the impact that our lifestyle has on the planet; thus, while the planet consumes resources for the 7 billion people, pollution has reached alarming levels. Romcabon will continue to support such activities, being aware that developing a positive attitude towards nature at an early age becomes a habit into adulthood.

A different School Week 2015

Week 6th-10th of April 2015 is dedicated to extracurricular and nonacademic educational activities within the national program "To know more, to be better!", organized by the Ministry of Education.

During this week the courses are not carried on as usually, but after a particular timetable. Through this program is promoted participation in diverse activities, within non-formal contexts.

As we are accustomed in recent years, also this year we opened the factory’s gates, this time for the students of class XI A of the High School "Dimitrie Filipescu" Buzau.

The visit aims to familiarize young students with factory work; program helps young people to understand the various career options and to find the answer to the questions: "What do I get after I finish school? Where will I do? What is the best job for me?".

Extremely interested in how that process polymers and manufacturing of bags of raffia or polyethylene film, at the end, the children said that the experience was similar to the show "How is made" only more concrete.

We wish them „good luck�? at school, „Happy Easter�? and we are looking forward to receiving other students.

A different School Week 2015

Students’ visit in Romcarbon

On 8th of May 2015, 48 students from University Politehnica of Bucharest had the chance to attend a tematic visit within our factory.

The students had the opportunity to observe the plastic wasatge recycling flow, from sorting point up to stage they turn into finished product, meaning plastic recycled granules. Thus, the students have added up to the theoretical part they learn at collage the practical reality from production factory.

We are glad there is interest from both teachers and strudents to darken our factory’s door and at the same time, we hope that, one day, part of the students who have visited our plant to become engineers within our company.

Students’ visit in Romcarbon

Greening activity for children in Berca area

Saturday, May 9, around the Monastery of Ratesti, took place an eco activity where attended about 600 students from the counties of Buzau, Prahova, Ilfov and Galati.

The action was organized by the City Hall of Berca together with Touristic Association "Romanian Guides"and is part of the voluntary environmental programme "ECO TERRA. Green Dream - for a different world! "and was supported by Romcarbon.

Within this action, were conducted outdoor workshops, worksheets on environmental issues, but also a greening activity of the area; in order to collect all the wasatges in the area, Romcarbon has provided the children with bags required for selective waste collection.

Specific objectives of the activity aimed to educate students and their awareness of the importance of protecting the environment, involving the students in a greeningactivity and promote the volunteerism.

Considering the fact that "lesson well learned in childhood turns into habit in adulthood", and that it is vital to teach children to protect and respect nature, ROMCARBON takes part in the ecological trend and continues to initiate and support activities designed to build children into true environmentalists, and why not, even in adult models.

Greening activity for children in Berca area

World Environment Day 2015 marked at Buzau, in the Mud Volcanoes

Buzau celebrated this year's World Environment Day "in advance". Thus, on June the 4th, Environmental Guard in Buzau, with the support of County School Inspectorate, organized an ecological activity in the Mud Volcanoes. The location was not chosen by chance, Mud Volcanoes being a protected area of ​​national interest.

Mud Volcanoes reffers to formations created by natural gases coming from over 3,000 meters depth, passing through a clay soil, in combination with water from groundwater. The gases push to the surface water mixed with clay. The mud formed comes out and, in those places, drys in contact with air, forming “cone-like�? structures, similar to volcanoes. The mud that comes out is cold, as it comes from layers of clay.

The activity was held with participation of over 60 students from 5 schools in Buzau: School no. 1, School no. 11, School no. 15, School no. 16 and High School "Spiru Haret"; children made drawings with ecological and environmental themes which fit into this year's overall theme, "The Forest". The theme draws attention upon massive clearance of forests in our country and excessive air pollution, precisely as a result of clearance.

The slogan this year is "Seven billion dreams. One planet. Consume with Care" and expresses the challenge of creating opportunities for sustainable economic development and at the same time, stabilizing the use of natural resources and reducing environmental impact.

Children, organized in teams, each team representing a school, painted drawings of the most diverse, creating the image of protected forests antithetical to cut forests, evidence that they understood the importance of forests, of nature and of a clean environment. Finally, the best paintings were awarded.

Sponsors of the event were Romcarbon SA, Greentech SA, Greenfiber International SA and GreenWEEE SA.

World Environment Day, the main ecological event of public awareness and environmental action, is celebrated each year on June the 5th, in order to raise public awareness of environmental issues humanity faces today - depletion of natural resources, global warming, water crisis, poverty, waste, desertification, extinction of species of both plants and animals.

World Environment Day 2015 marked at Buzau, in the Mud Volcanoes

National Competition for Environmental Projects 2015

Wednesday, June 10th, at the school "N. I. JILINSCHI "in Vernesti, was held the county stage of the competition “National Environmental Projects�?.

At the competition attended four schools: School no. 10 from Buzau, Secondary School from Cochirleanca, Secondary School from Merei and the one that was also the host of the competition, the School from Vernesti.

Each school was represented by a crew consisting of one or two students who, under the guidance of a coordinator teacher, made a project concerning an environmental problem. Projects have included a part of research, so the children have presented the conclusions of practical studies conducted in forests, riverside or near national roads; soil, water, air or noise pollution are some of the issues raised by them.

Each project was held under a suggestive slogan "Future of the Earth -Stop the pollution," "How to save the spiritual heart of the village?" "Arranging the eco-touristic resort Sarata Monteoru according to European Standards", "Environmental pollution in the region of Rosioru Lake" or "Turn off the noise, turn on the silence."

A significant score was given for proper solutions discovered by students regarding the environmental problem they identified; the winning team (first place) is from Vernesti School and will represent the county at Iasi national competition.

Romcarbon gladly supported this competition in posture of sponsor and member of the jury and explained to the children what "recycling" is and why is it important to recycle. We consider that environmental education is especially important at lower ages, when habits are formed, and for this reason we join such activities each time we are asked to.

We wish good luck to our little finalists in the next stage of the competition and... a nice holiday!

National Competition for Environmental Projects 2015

Romcarbon opened its doors again during the week "A different kind of school"

This year, during the week "a different kind of school" around 100 children from three schools in the county visited the factory Romcarbon.

Children are the future, a future that should be supported continuously in order to harmoniously develop over time. The little ones were led by our Production specialists in the sectors where we process polyethylene and polypropylene; thus, they learned how is made the raffia bags, greenhouse film or industrial bags.

The children were captivated by the way employees work the existing machinery in the factory and the role played by each equipement in every stage of the manufacturing.

We continue to support teachers’ initiative every year with the hope that these visits gives children practical experience that help them understand the importance of work.

For photo gallery, please access the page Media- Photos.


In order to increase the competitiveness, the management team was reorganized in early 2004.

ROMCARBON management is dynamic and uses modern tools of analysis:

ERP and CPM systems successfully implemented and functional for several years;

budgeting on short, medium and long term all activities according to the company's objectives and their monitoring;

using of cash - flow statements in funding decisions;

cost rationalization solutions.

The Management Structure

Board of Directors
Member of the Board of Directors since April 16 , 2018 - Executive director
Current mandate: 04.02.2020 - 04.02.2024
Starting with February 17, 2020 holds also the position of General Manager
Age: years old

  • Financial studies at Taipei National University (former National University Chung Hsing), Bachelor in Finance, 2001
  • MBA,Taipei National University, 2003
  • General manager – ROMCARBON SA – 17.02.2020 – present
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors – ROMCARBON SA – 16.04.2018 - present
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors/Director – GREENLAMP RECICLARE SA Buzau – 03.2013-06.2016
  • Temporary director – GREENLAMP RECILCARE SA Buzau – 02.2013-03.2013
  • Sole director– GREENLAMP RECILCARE SA Buzau – 05.2010-05.2012
  • Financial counsellor – LivingJumbo Industry SA – 11.2009 – present
  • Director – GREENTECH SA Buzau – 01.2009-05.2012
  • Director - LIVING PLASTIC INDUSTRY SRL Buzau – 05.2007-05.2012
  • Director – LIVING PLASTIC INDUSTRY SRL Buzau – 03.2007-03.2011
  • Sole director– GREENFIBER INTERNATIONAL SA Buzau – 05.2005-04.2007
  • Director – TAIROM IMPORT-EXPORT SRL Buzau – 09.2001-04.2004
  • Economist – DECATHLON (Taiwan Branch) – 07.1997-05.2001
  • Economist – KENG FANG LTD - 11.1993 – 06.1997
Vice-chairman WANG Yi-Hao
Member of Board of Directors since 2010 - Non-executive director
Current mandate: 04.02.2020 - 04.02.2024
President of the Committee of Audit
Age: years old

  • National University from Dong Hwa, International Trade University , 2007
  • General Manager Living Water in Spring International Co, Ltd - 2010 - present
  • Member of Board of Directors of SC GREENTECH SA: 19.11.2010 – 28.05.2012.
  • Member of Board of Directors of S.C. GREENFIBER INTERNATIONAL SA- 20.09.2010- – 28.05.2012.
  • Member of Board of Directors of SC GREENWEEE INTERNATIONAL SA: 01.09.2010 – 28.05.2012.
  • Manager, Foreign Trade Department Living Water in Spring International Co., Ltd - 2007-2010
Member TODERITA Stefan-Alexandru
Board of Directors member since 2020 - Non-executive director, independent
Current mandate: 04.02.2020 - 04.02.2024
Member of the Commitee of Audit
Age: years old

  • Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Faculty of Finance, Insurance, Banking and Stock Exchange, 2015
  • Master in Finance, ESADE Business School, 2017
  • Consultant, Mastercard Europe 2018 - present
  • Associate, Management consulting at Boston Consulting Group, February 2018 – April 2018
  • Consultant at A.T. Kearney, July 2016 – November 2017
  • Swiss Capital , broker, October 2012 – March 2015

Currently the Board of Directors consists of 3 members, of which one is independent

Executive Management
General Manager HUANG LIANG NENG
General Manager and Chairman of the Board of directors
General manager since February 17, 2020
Current mandate: 17.02.2020-17.02.2024
Age: years old

  • Financial studies at Taipei National University (former National University Chung Hsing), Bachelor in Finance, 2001
  • MBA,Taipei National University, 2003
  • General manager – ROMCARBON SA – 17.02.2020 – present
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors – ROMCARBON SA – 16.04.2018 - present
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors/Director – GREENLAMP RECICLARE SA Buzau – 03.2013-06.2016
  • Temporary director – GREENLAMP RECILCARE SA Buzau – 02.2013-03.2013
  • Sole director– GREENLAMP RECILCARE SA Buzau – 05.2010-05.2012
  • Financial counsellor – LivingJumbo Industry SA – 11.2009 – present
  • Director – GREENTECH SA Buzau – 01.2009-05.2012
  • Director - LIVING PLASTIC INDUSTRY SRL Buzau – 05.2007-05.2012
  • Director – LIVING PLASTIC INDUSTRY SRL Buzau – 03.2007-03.2011
  • Sole director– GREENFIBER INTERNATIONAL SA Buzau – 05.2005-04.2007
  • Director – TAIROM IMPORT-EXPORT SRL Buzau – 09.2001-04.2004
  • Economist – DECATHLON (Taiwan Branch) – 07.1997-05.2001
  • Economist – KENG FANG LTD - 11.1993 – 06.1997
Deputy General Manager for Administrative Operations MANAILA Carmen
Deputy General Manager for Adminsitrative Operations since February 17, 2020
Age: years old

Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest, Romania, 1991

  • Deputy General Manager for Administrative Operations SC Romcarbon SA – February 2020 - present
  • Deputy General Manager SC Livingjumbo Industry SA – February 2020 - present
  • Chairperson of the Board of directors SC Livingjumbo Industry SA– starting with July 2018
  • Chief Operation Officer SC Romcarbon SA - October 2017 – February 2020
  • Chief Operation Officer SC Livingjumbo Industry SA – October 2017 – February 2020
  • General Manager Livingjumbo Industry SA – 2017 - september 2017
  • General Manager Vertigo-Solutions SRL – 2005-2014
  • Deputy Marketing Manager – Romcarbon SA – 2003-2005
  • Chief of Import-Export Department - Romcarbon SA – 2001-2003
  • Economist – Romcarbon SA - 1991-2001
Deputy General Manager for Development DOBROTA Cristinel
Deputy General Manager for Development since February 17, 2020
Age: years old

Agro-industrial Highschool Beceni - Buzau
School of Electro-Mechanical Masters - Buzau
Economic Engineering in Agriculture – University of Agronomic Science "Ion Ionescu de la Brad" Iași – without licence

  • February 2020 – present - Deputy General Manager for Development - SC Romcarbon SA.
  • January 2019 - February 2020 - Development Manager - SC Romcarbon SA.
  • August 2017 – December 2018 - General Manager Devalex SRL – waste recycling.
  • July 2016 - July 2017 – Development consultant ABS Chisinau – plastics recycling.
  • May 2012 - June 2016 - General Manager Avantgard Recycling – recycling consultancy and commercial activities.
  • November 2010 – April 2012 Deputee General manager at SC Romcarbon SA (part time)
  • January 2006 – November 2010 Member of the Directing Board of SC Romcarbon SA
  • September 2002 - April 2012 – General Manager Greentech SA Buzau – waste recycler;
  • 2000 - 2002 – administrator assistant Living Plastic Industry SA Buzau - plastic packaging producer.
  • 1998 - 2000 – technologist - Living Plastic Industry SA Buzau – plastic packaging producer.
  • 1995 - 1998 – master workman repairs and maintance section - Romcarbon SA, Beceni.
  • 1982 - 1995 – mechanic fitter - IPMP Beceni PP bags Beceni (Romcarbon).
Technical Manager TITI Mihai
Age: years old

Faculty of Chemical Technology Bucuresti - 1982

  • 2018 - present – Technical manager SC Romcarbon SA
  • 2018 - 2020 – Technical consultant Green Group
  • 2010 - 2018 Deputy Technical General Manager SC Romcarbon SA
  • 2016-2018 - CTO - Green Group
  • 2011-2016 - Technical consultant Green Group
  • 2006-2010 General Manager SC Total Technical Management SRL
  • 2004-2006 R&D Manager SC Romcarbon SA
  • 2000-2004 Production and Technical Manager SC Romcarbon SA
  • 1997-2000 Chief Techical Service SC Romcarbon SA
  • 1982-1997 Chemist Engineer SC Romcarbon SA
Financial Manager ZAINESCU Viorica
Age: years old

Accounting and Agrarian Economy University 1986

  • Mar 2012 - present Director at RC Energo Install SRL
  • Jan 2010 - present Financial Manager SC Romcarbon SA
  • Aug 2008-jan 2010 Chief Financial Analysis SC Romcarbon SA
  • Jun 2008-aug 2008 Chief Accountant SC Hoeganaes Buzau
  • 2005-2008 Chief Accounting Service SC Romcarbon SA
  • 2004-2005 Financial Manager SC Romcarbon SA
  • 1994-2004 Chief Accounting Service SC Romcarbon SA
  • 1990-1994 Economist SC Romcarbon SA
  • 1987-1990 Economist IMA Giurgiu Calugareni
  • 1987 Economist SMA Baneasa
  • 1986-1987 Economist SMA Calugareni
Legal Officer JURUBITA Mihaela
Age: years old

Law Faculty, Bucharest University - 2003

  • jun 2012 – present Legal Counselor, SC ROMCARBON SA.
  • 2006 – 2012 Legal Counselor, Cadastre and Land Registration Office Buzau of the National Agency for Cadastre and Land Registration
  • 2003-2006 Legal Counselor, Public Notary Tudorancea Monica, Buzau
Logistics Manager LABES Oana Steluta
Age: years old

2003 - 2007: Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest, Faculty of International Economic Relations, International Business Specialization - Licensed Economist
July 2003: IFPTR Buzau (Institute for Professional Training in Road Transport), training courses for managers of national and international road transport of goods
  • oct 2017 - present, Logistics Manager, ROMCARBON SA
  • mai 2015 - sept 2017, Commercial representative, ROMCARBON SA
  • dec 2013 - apr 2015, Input, validation and data processing operator, ROMCARBON SA
  • april 2009 - nov 2013, Assistant Manager, FELSSYSTEME SRL
RC Energo Install SRL Maintenance and arrangement of electricity net, gases, water, construction arrangements activities

General Manager – DUCA Eugen

Info Tech Solutions SRL IT Services, networking, software development, ERP distribution and implementation

General Manager – HRISTACHE Cornel


Code of Professional Ethics
Conformity statement – new corporate governance code
Procedure regarding the corporate rights to attend General Meetings of shareholders
Conflicts of interest and related parties' transactions
Corporate governance regulation updated on 06.2017
2019 dividend policy

Note: The translations are for information purposes only. Legal authenticity remains with the Romanian versions as published at section "Corporate Governance".


Active Carbon

ROMCARBON S.A. is the only Romanian producer of active carbon. The Active Carbon properties are to fix and retain noxae as a result of a special process. The properties and the appearance of active carbon varies in relation to: the coal applications, the manufacturing process and the raw materials that are being used.

Granulated Active Carbon
Granulated Active Carbon

The applications of the granulated Active Carbon are:
restraint the gasoline from petroleum gases;
catalyst carrier to the vinyl chloride and vinyl acetate synthesis;
purifying and deodorizing the industrial waters;
restraint of oily remains in the air blast;
restraint carbon disulphide and organic vapors;
restraint of industrial noxious both in individual and collective protection means (ventilation installation, gas masks).

Powder Active Carbon
Powder Active Carbon

The applications of powder Active Carbon are:
discoloration, clearing and deodorization of medicine solutions, oils and pharmaceutical greases;
clearing and discoloration glucose, lactose, molasses solution, comestible syrup, comestible oil, wine and other solutions.

Automotive and industrial filters
- For further information please visit

Air Filters
Air Filters

The advantage of using the Air filters:
 assures the air flow for optimum engine proceses;
 100% sealing obtained through the high quality filter paper and made by hot glueing;
 optimal geometry for pleas;
 increased safety while using;
 reduced air absorbtion noise and hot/cold air balance;
 modern technology based on polyurethane (lighter than other materials);
 special filter paper (Made in Germany). Filtration finesse and the structure of this special paper guarantees a high degree of waste elimination and smaller resistance to air. With its controlled porosity, is ideal for parts protection.

 changing interval – every 20.000 km (based on the car producer recommendations).

Cabin Filters
Cabin Filters

The Cabin filters assures the protection against of all types of pollen, against dust particles and smoke from Diesel engines, microorganisms from air, for the people inside the habitacle and for the heating or air conditioning system of the car. By retaining the impurities, the quality of air is improved and decreases the grease laying on the windscreen.

The advantages of using cabin filters:
optimal geometry for pleas obtain by using modern technology;
increased safety while using;
100% sealing obtained by using modern technology;
multilayer non-woven filter material (Made in Finland). Filtration finesse and the structure of this special non-woven material guarantees a high degree of retention of impurities and smaller resistance to air.

changing interval – every 20.000 km (based on the car producer recommendations and the road conditions).

Fuel Filters
Fuel Filters

cleans the wasteage from the fuel.

gurantees the security of the injection system during driving;
guarantees a longer life of the engine;
cleans the fuels according to the demands of the engine.

To remember:
microfiber paper (Made in Germany) is special impregnated to protect the injection system of the car;
changing the fuel filter is made according to the car producer specifications;
the filtering capacity is made according to the highest standards of the car producers.

Industrial Filters
Industrial Filters

The industrial filters are keeping clean the air and the fluids inside the industrial equipments. They filter the contaminating particles which can cause the degradation of the engine, and even the total deterioration of some equipments.
If you wish to minimize or even to eliminate the unscheduled stops, you have to consider to use some high quality industrial filtration, these filters beeing the first line of defense against earlier deterioration of industrial machines.

Industrial filters could vary in design and dimensions, but also in their functionality. Our company develops filters and filtration systems according with the customers requirements, being able, due to its experience an technical capabilities, to develop and produce most of these types of equipments.

Oil Filters
Oil Filters

The advantages of oil filter using:
special filter paper (Made in Germany), assures the oil flow for optimum engine processes;
optimal geometry for pleas;
increased safety while using;
total automatical control on the production line;
the quantity of filter paper is calculated acording to the engine's debit, for an efficient filtering;
anti corosive treated metalic parts.

changing interval – every 15.000 km (based on the car producer recommendations).

Breathing Protective Equipment


Industrial Mask Bags

Bags are used for carrying fullface mask and gas filters.


Military Bags

The military bags are used for carrying fullface mask, gas filters and other accesories.

Breathing Apparatus
Breathing Apparatus

Un-assisted Fresh Air Hose Breathing Apparat

It is use for breathing protection, face and eyes protection against dangerous and high concentration of chemical agents in environments with at least 17% oxygen in air; it is possible the feed with breathing air with help of a tube from uncontaminated air from max 20 meters.

Unassisted fresh air hose breathing apparat components are:
full-face mask (code M74, code P2085, code P1240);
corrugated hose with two connectors;
fresh air supplying hose 5m,10m,15m and 20m;
funnel with particles filter;

Full-face masks
Full-face masks

Panoramic visor mask - code P1240

Is an integral mask, according to EN 136/2004, class 3; the connector is according to EN 148-1/2000 (40x1 / 7").
The Mask is used in environments with at least 17% oxygen in air, when is necessary breathing protection, also, it is used for the face and eyes protection against the dangerous action of chemicals – irritant, aggressive noxious- gas, vapors, drops, powder. It is used together with a filter cartridge, adequate for a certain noxious.

Full-face masks

Industrial Mask, code M74

Is an integral mask, according to EN 136/2004, class 3; connector is according to EN 148-1/2000 (40x1 / 7").

The mask is used in environments with at least 17% oxygen in air when is necessary breathing protection, also, it is used for the face and eyes protection against the dangerous action of chemicals – irritant, aggressive noxious- gas, vapors, drops, powder.

Full-face masks

Industrial hood-mask, code P2085

Is an integral mask, according to EN 136/2004, class 2; the connector is according to EN 148-1/2000 (40x1 / 7").

The mask is used in environments with at least 17% oxygen in air when is necessary breathing protection, face, eyes and head protection against the dangerous action of chemicals – irritant, aggressive noxious- gas, vapors, drops, powder. It is used together with a filter cartridge, adequate for a certain noxious or with an isolated breathing apparat in an open circuit.

Hood-mask is made in five sizes: 0, I, II, III and IV (IV being largest size).

Gas Filters

Gas filter sampler
Gas Filters

Gas filters - Single range

The gas filters are used toghether with a gas mask and it ensures the respiratory protection against chemicals, in the form of gases, vapors, particles.

It doesn't ensure protection when it is use in atmosphere with an oxygen deficit in the air( less than 17%) and if the contaminant concentration doesn't exceeds 0.5% (by volume).

Gas filters connectors are according to EN 148-1/2000 (40x1 / 7").

Gas filter sampler
Gas Filters

CO Filters

CO Filters are used toghether with a gas mask and ensure the respiratory protection against CO (carbon monoxide). It doesn't ensure protection when it is used in atmosphere with an oxygen deficit in the air (less than 17%) and contaminant concentration does not exceed 1% (concentration tested filters).

Filter is equipped with two standard threaded 40x1 / 7 ":upper connector through a corrugated tubing can be connected to the mask and to the second connector can be assembled another gas filter (suitable for another contaminant present).

Gas filter sampler
Gas Filters

Combinated Gas Filters

The gas filters are used toghether with a gas mask and ensure the respiratory protection against chemicals, in the form of gases, vapors, particles and aerosols. It doesn't ensure protection when it is used in atmosphere with an oxygen deficit in the air(less than 17%).
Gas filters connectors are according to EN 148-1/2000 (40x1 / 7").


Half-mask, code SRF - is used for breathing protection together with a filter cartridge (connector is according to EN 148-1/2000 ~ 40x1 / 7 "), adequate for a certain noxious and their concentration in the work ambient against the dangerous action of powder, chemical gases, vapors, drops and aerosols who have a toxicity from medium to high. Cartridge weight should not exceed 300g.

Use in environments without oxygen deficiency (minimum 17% oxygen in air breathing).

Military Use and Civil Protection
Military Use and Civil Protection

Purifying filters for shelter code FPA100

Used in the ventilation equipments in temporary or permanent shelters to purify air infected with poison fight gas, radioactive powder and biological agents.

Military Use and Civil Protection

Air-regeneration Complete

Components are:
fFilter for retaining Carbon Dioxide - code FR 1
Filter for retaining humidity - code FR 2

Military Use and Civil Protection

Gas Filter for Military Use (type NATO)

The gas filters are used together with full face mask for breathing protection, face and eyes protection against chemical, bacteriological and nuclear agents. It doesn't ensure protection when it is used in atmosphere with oxygen deficit in the air (less than 17%).

Gas filters connector is according to EN 148-1/2000 (40x1 / 7").

Military Use and Civil Protection

Military Gas Mask, Code M'85

Military masks are used together with gas filters for breathing protection, face and user's eyes protection against dangerous toxic, aggressive and irritable chemical substances in the shape of gases, vapors, aerosols, drops and radioactive dust

Special Use
Special Use

Regenerate cartridges for CO2 (carbon dioxide)

It is used to retain carbon dioxide and water vapor in exhaled breath and be use allowed just one time.

Regeneration cartridges are parts of autonomous breathing apparatus with closed circuit and are made in two sizes:
9 x 18-24
7 x 14-22

Special Use

Self-rescue Mask for Mining - Code MSI 94

Self-rescue mask is used in mining, personal respiratory protection for 60 minutes against carbon monoxide,(contaminant concentration in air of 1%.), emitted during fire or underground explosions.

It is for only use and provides protection in environments where oxygen concentration in the air is over 19%; use is permitted only when in the workplaces are non toxic gases or vapors, except H2S in concentrations up to 0.35%.

The mask is made according to SR EN 404:2006, and is certified for use in potentially explosive situations and enviroments.

Special Use

VOC Filters – Code FAP2385

FAP2385 filters, are used for removal VOC (Volatile Organic Components).

Recommended working temperature should be lower than 50°C

Living Fresh - for further information please visit

 - a competitive brand

The packaging is produced in Romania on most performant machines; thus, it benefits from lower transportation costs than those of any importer, and also, lower production costs incurred by a Romanian production.

Labeling and marking of LIVING fresh products are performed according to the latest trends in the field; this enables packaging traceability throughout the supply chain, from Manufacturer to final Packer.

The brand LIVING fresh differentiates in the market by its high standard quality.

The complete and intelligent solution. LIVING fresh - every day.

Plastic Compounds and Recycled Polymers

Romcarbon promotes the concept of circular economy through recycling of plastic wastage and their conversion into secondary raw materials. Thus, Romcarbon it is actively involved in achieving the objectives set by the European Union to recycle 75% of packaging waste by 2030 and minimization of waste arriving at the landfill to a maximum of 10% in the same timeframe. Our mission is to produce eco-efficient plastics by turning waste into resources, offering our customers an alternative to replace virgin raw materials with sustainable raw materials obtained from recycling post industrial and post consumer plastic wastage.

Product range:

Recycled Polymers

We manufacture recycled polymers from post industrial and post consumer wastage. The polymers obtained can be used in extrusion, injection or blow molding. Thus, we can provide a competitive and sustainable alternative to virgin plastics:
  • rPP
  • rPE
  • rPS
  • rABS
Plastic Compounds

We have the know-how to improve recycled polymers with various additives in order to obtain products with improved mechanical properties, solar radiation resistant, flame resistant, resistant to strong shocks etc. We are able to manufacture "custom made" plastic compounds (PP, PS, HDPE, LDPE, ABS etc.), according to customer requirements; we can add various additives or fillers, such as filler mineral, fiberglass, flame retardants, UV stabilizers etc.
Our product range includes standard plastic compounds based on virgin and recycled polypropylene.

* for further information on products, please visit the dedicated website
Having both the ability and experience, we aim to become the leading manufacturer and supplier of plastic compounds and recycled polymers in South-East Europe.

Polyethylene Packaging

ROMCARBON S.A. is the first Romanian producer of a multistrat film with wide range of width, between 2 and 12 m and thickness between 0,1mm (100 microns) and 0,2mm (200 microns).
Polyethylene film for agriculture


  • Now, we have the advantage of providing a new technology to our Romanian vegetables growing;

  • The multilayer film has a physic- mechanical resistance to weathering ( rains, winds, snowing) 40% higher than the monolayer film which is currently produced by other Romanian manufacturers;

  • The UV treatment provides resistance against sunlight for one, two or even three seasons

  • The wide range of widths ( 8m, 10m or even 12m) allows the setting on the solarium structure at the same time, according to which the attachment of several pieces there' s no longer required.

Creation workshop

In our polyethylene section, there is a creation workshop where we execute photopolymer blocks, with thinkness of 2,84 mm for printing on polyethypene films and photopolymer blocks with thickness of 4,32 mm for printing on polypropylene fabric (the so called „raffia” fabric).

The features of the flexographnic machine ensure internal execution of all the blocks pertaining to the orders we committed to, while the printing capacity allows us to take external orders.

According to our equipments, we are able to print up to 6 colors, maximum dimensions of each block being 660 x 860 mm. Depeding on the image, it exist the possibility to print larger surfaces, made of several blocks.

The execution term is maximum 5 days starting the order confirmation date.

Polyethylene packaging - for further information please visit

Anti-dripping Bags
Anti-dripping Bags

Suitable for the packaging and transportation of vegetables with a high-content of water, like cucumbers. The water condensed of the inner walls of the bag will not turn into bog water drops and instead becomes very thin film, perfectly transparent which allows a good product view.
Dimensions: the most requested sizes for the vegetables bags are 550 x 1000 x 0,065mm, but we can produce any other dimensional configuration.

Bags and Covers for Fruits
Bags and Covers for Fruits

Ideal for fruits transportation and packaging.
The most required sizes for the fruit bags are 550 x 1000 x 0,15mm, but we can produce a wide range of width, length or thickness. The fruits covers are used for grapes or plums storing.
1000x1700x0,15 mm
3000x2500x0,15 mm
4200x2500x0,15 mm
5600x2500x0,15 mm

Basic Foil
Basic Foil

Transparent film for agriculture. Suitable for various coverings: haystacks, temporary unused machines and tools, other households items.

Width: 2 m – 12 m
Thickness: 100-200 microns

Black Film for Mulch
Black Film for Mulch

It is used for weeds destruction in agriculture crops carried out in protected environment (greenhouses or solar) or unprotected environment.
The film is produced at the following dimensions:
Width: 800mm – 1600mm Thickness: 0,015 mm - 0,035mm (15 microns – 35 microns).

The black color of the film does not allow the sun rays to get into, thus stopping the weed-growing. The farmer will cut an "X" on the foil surface which will allow the plant to come out and be privileged by the sun light.

Constructions Film
Constructions Film

Black color recycled film for temporary coverage of the concrete flooring, temporary protection of doors and windows against the rain or wind , any other temporary coverage of surfaces that can easily be damaged by workers or their tools during constructions.
The black dull color is not very important because you will throw the foil anyway after the first usage.

Width: 2 m – 12 m
Thickness: 100-200 microns

Folded Sheet for Packing (Cover-Type) and Thermo Shrinkable Covers
Folded Sheet for Packing (Cover-Type) and Thermo Shrinkable Covers

Suitable for covering and protecting large products or pallets. These polyethylene products cover completely shroud palletized goods providing load stability and protection.

length: 700 - 3000 mm
width: 600 - 1300 mm
thickness: 0.03 - 0.2 mm
*We can produce other different sizes if requested.

Garbage bags

Material: virgin or recycled LDPE.


  • 120 l (size of 370 (2x165) x 1080 mm)
  • 160 l (size of 500 (2x225) x 1100 mm)
  • 240 l (size of 650 (2x225) x 1250 mm)
Color: natural, black, blue. Available in other colors on request.
The bags are made in rolls of 10, 15, 20 or 25 pieces and can be personalized label.
General Use Polyethylene Film
General Use Polyethylene Film

Thermo shrinkable film: it is used for water boxes or other non automatic and automatic packaging types.
Printed thermo shrinkable film: width between 100-1500mm

Other specifications if required:
UV treated
Antistatic treated
No vapors treated

Dimensions (mm)foiltubesimple band
width**30 - 350100 ÷ 350350 ÷ 3100
thickness0.03 - 0.250,03 ÷ 0,250,03 ÷ 0,25
Premium UV
Premium UV

We have bought the best raw material to produce this film and we added all our experience to achieve the best recipe and we set our mind to offer our clients the best price on the market for a good quality foil, for a term up to three years.

Width: 2 m – 12 m
Thickness: 150-200 microns

Thick and Thin Sacks and Bags
Thick and Thin Sacks and Bags

Standard general purpose – suitable for food use ot fo general industrial usage (products packaging, transportation and storing).
These products can be produced as follows:
bags: with bottom or side welding, with round bottom, with perforations, individual or rolled;
thin sacks: with or without perforations, individual or rolled;
bags and sacks: printed / not printed , transparent or colored, with / without UV treatment or no dripping treatment.

Requested dimensions*:thick bagsbagsthin bags
length (mm)100 - 800500 ÷ 2000350 ÷ 1800
width (mm)100 - 500400 ÷ 1300500 ÷ 1300
thickness (mm)0.025 - 0.2500.025 ÷ 0.1000.101 ÷ 0.250
*We can produce other different sizes if requested.
Transparent Film for the Plant Germination
Transparent Film for the Plant Germination

It is similar to the mulch film, but it has a very good transparency that allows the sunlight to go in the seeded soil, it preserves the warmth close to the plant, favoring a faster germination than in the natural environment, unprotected against the sudden temperature drops during springtime. Optionally, the film can be produced with flops (perforated) that allows ventilations.
Dimensions: the unfolded size film can be extended to 3000mm, meaning 1500 tube cut on one side.

UV Solar
UV Solar

Agriculture film: transparent with mild green shade it can last for one, two or even three seasons according to the applied UV treatment from the production recipe and marked also on the product'slabel.

Width: 2 m – 12 m
Thickness: 100-200 microns

Polypropylene Packaging

Polypropylene Bags
Polypropylene Bags

Use areas:
for pulverous or granular products, such as:
      - alimentary products – sugar, rice, flour, cereals, salt etc;
      - chemical products – nitrites, fertilizers etc;
      - constructions materials – lime, cement etc;
      - animal food – fodders, provender etc.

Constructive categories:
open mouth;
with / without valve;
laminated / not laminated;
with PE coating.

Packaging capacity from 5 to 50 kg

Supplementary processing:
printing: 1 – 5 colors on one or both sides;
lateral creases;
mouth hemming(together or not with polyethylene bag);
anti-UV treatments;
thread coloration.

Polypropylene Strap
Polypropylene Strap

Use areas:
- the PP strap is used to secure, close or press voluminous packages; it is suitable for manual-mechanic, semiautomatic and automatic machines.

Advantages of PP strap use:
resistance at corrosion;
reduced risks while handling;
reduced weight;
good rigidity.
For products with pallets (BCA, bricks, sawn wood etc) the polypropylene strap is an economic and efficient solution.

Together with the PP strap, we offer all neccessary accessories:
metallic staples;
plastic protector corner brackets.

Polystyrene Packaging

Expanded polystyrene trays classic, absorbent, catering
Expanded polystyrene trays classic, absorbent, catering

Packing meat and meat products;
Packing fruit and vegetable;
Packing bakery products;
For fast food and catering.

XPS Panels
XPS Panels

This modern type of insulating material, with the density of 50kg/m3 is the best choice for its properties: thermic, phonic and hydro-insulation. It also protects over the time the flooring. Compared to other insulating materials, it has the advantage of reducing the oscillation of level of up to 3mm and the "wave effect" disappears.

The product can be manufactured as:

  • XPS panels
  • folded XPS panels
  • XPS rolls

PVC Road Indicators

PVC Road Indicators
PVC Road Indicators

Recycled PVC bases/ road flagpole for traffic signs K1 – 28 kg.

The product is being manufactured of recycled PVC which provides a benefic action over the environment.   The dimensions of the product are : 770 mm x 395 mm x 130 mm ( L x l x h)

Area of utilization: is used to bring in temporary road indicators, as road flagpole to mark or delimtate the "Road up" areas, or other delimitation such as: "Parking spaces", etc.

Zipper bags


Our products advantages:

  • perfect transparency: your product can be easily seen through the bag
  • free of dust and impurities: is it important to keep product away from dust? This is the solution! Use zipper bag and you have a pure product
  • no unpleasant odor: zippered bag is perfect, it keeps the product always fresh and protected from external compromising agents
  • easy to transport: just close the bag and your product will be safe for long
  • safety: from now on small or powdered products are safe in these bags, you will not miss one again!
  • "zipper" closure allows closing, opening the bag several times
Standard dimensions
Standard dimensions
No.Dimension (Usable Width x Length mm) Thickness (microns)Packaging (piece/packet)
150 x 70 mm40 µ100 pcs/packet
260 x 85 mm40 µ100 pcs/packet
370 x 100 mm40 µ100 pcs/packet
485 x 120 mm40 µ100 pcs/packet
5100 x 140 mm40 µ100 pcs/packet
6120 x 170 mm40 µ100 pcs/packet
7140 x 200 mm40 µ100 pcs/packet
8170 x 240 mm (A5 size)40 µ20 or 100 pcs/packet
9200 x 280 mm40 µ20 or 100 pcs/packet
10240 x 340 mm (A4 size)40 µ20 or 100 pcs/packet
11127 x 125 mm (CD packaging)40 µ100 pcs/packet

Other than standard sizes and thickness can be produced depending on your requests.

Size and thickness:

  • Width: 40-340 mm
  • Length: 60-400 mm
  • Thickness: 40-55 µ

Food preservation

Freezer bags are our main export products, especially in France and Germany markets. If you are a products supplier for chains, retail store (supermarket) or you are promoting various products, please contact us to give you unimaginable prices for zipper bags.

pastrare alimente


Zipper bags are the most practical package for: powders, dusts, books, jewelry, clothing objects, money, disposable products, household articles.

uz casnic

Electronic components

CD's, wiring, electronic components and electrical small and medium accessories can be packed in zipper bags to be protected from dust and impurities.

componente electronice

Packaging of various products

Pharmacies and hospitals (drugs, dust), the cosmetic industry, supplies (office supplies, documents, writing), food and bakery industry, textile industry (accessories)




Quality Management System implemented in ROMCARBON S.A. is certified by the major national and international bodies.

Our Quality Management System meets the high standards of ISO 9001:2008. In addition, we are certified ISO 14001:2005 for environmental system. We also have implemented the standard OHSAS 18001: 2007 for occupational health and safety system.

ROMCARBON S.A. has all necessary certifications in order to attest the compliance of our packaging with alimentary products, the test analysis revealing the fact that our PE, PS and PP processed items are "heavy-metal free". Moreover, for PP bags we are certified by LABORDATA –Germany regarding the hazardous substances carriage.

The XPS panels used for floor insulation have technical approval in order to be used in construction field.

The filters produced by ROMCARBON S.A. are certified by AFER and RAR.

The Breathing protective materials are evaluated and certified according to EU directives, regarding individual protective equipment, regarding the security requirements of those equipmets and the conditions for placing them on the market. These products are certified by the National Research and Development Institute of Occupational Safety (INCDPM) - "Alexandru Darabont" and also by the National Institute for Research and Development in Mine Safety and Protection to Explosion (INSEMEX). Also, our masks and cartridges based on active coal filters are certified OHSAS 18001: 2007.

Environmental Protection

All the activities that may have an impact on the environment are perfectly controlled, all the environmental factors (water drainage, waste management, etc..) are monitorised and the environmental compliance is guaranteed by the existence of several internal procedures known and applied by all the staff.

Occupational Safety

The concern for the security work is one of the most important factors for our company, that's why we follow the idea that any accident can be avoided. Each person, regardless of position held, is responsible for preventing the accidents.

Personal data processing on

This website is held and managed by ROMCARBON S.A., identified by CIF RO1158050, J10/83/1991, for which data privacy is essential. Our policy and practices intended to protect the data focus on adequate and lawful processing, sharing and storing of personal information, as well on keeping this confidential, integer and available.

This privacy statement applies to the main business unit of ROMCARBON S.A. and its subsidiaries.

ROMCARBON S.A, processes and stores personal data in the EU, and can prove at any time compliance with the laws of the European Union, as well as the principles laid down hereunder.

This privacy statement represents the full privacy policy applicable to the online activities of ROMCARBON S.A.. This statement explains the types of information we collect from customers and how we use it.

Our website complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) (Regulation (EU) 2016/679), which is a piece of binding legislation. GDPR creates new rights for individuals, and strengthens the rights already afforded under Directive 95/46/EC.

Principles of personal data protection

The data protection policy on the website relies on the following data protection principles:

Personal data

Personal data means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (data subject). Personal data includes all types of direct and indirect (meaning used in connection with other data) information which regards the data subject, such as name, date of birth, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, etc.

Collection of personal data

The data we collect on our website includes the following:

Purpose of collecting personal data:

Use of personal data

We will use personal data only in the context of the purposes listed in the previous article. Furthermore, ROMCARBON S.A. can provide the personal data of the buyer to other partner companies, but only for the aforementioned purposes, as follows: couriers, providers of promotion and advertising services, accountants, IT companies, including website powering and hosting services, printing houses.

The personal information of the buyer can also be disclosed to General Prosecutor’s Office, the Police, the courts or law and other empowered bodies of the state, on the basis of and subject to the legal limitations, and further to expressed requested received therefrom.

Security of processing

We will process the data in a safe manner, apply and maintain appropriate technical measures in order to protect personal data against destruction or accidental or unlawful loss, alternation, disclosure or unauthorized access, in particular when processing involves transmission of the data via a network, as well as against any form of illegal processing. Customer data is saved in databases on servers in the European Union.

In case of a security breach, which can be an accident, loss of data or unauthorized access, ROMCARBON S.A. shall inform the authorities thereof, which in Romania are represented by ANSPDCP. (the National Authority for the Supervision of Personal Data Processing), within 72 hours of discovering the security breach.

Access to and rectification or erasure of personal data

Customers have the right to ask, at any time, to be allowed access to, rectification, erasure or restriction of personal data processing by us. In order to help us to keep the personal data updated, we recommend users to inform us of any change or discrepancy. To view an excerpt of, or modify the personal data, to obtain information about the period of time during which ROMCARBON S.A. intends to keep the personal data, or for any other inquiries about personal data, including final erasure thereof from our records, please email us at, or call us at 0751 042 529.

Marketing emails

ROMCARBON S.A. has the right to sent customers marketing emails with their consent. This specific form of consent should be freely expressed, specifically informed or precise. These requests are fulfilled when customers opted to receive marketing emails (active approval).

Customers will always have the right to object, at request and free of charge, to processing of personal data for direct marketing purposes without having to provide specific reasons therefor. Customers can do this by clicking on the “Unsubscribe” link which appears in the email messages we send to you, or they can email us at Once the customer has objected, the personal data of that customer shall no longer be processed for direct marketing purposes.

The marketing emails contain information we find interesting for the customer, as well as news about our products and services.


Customers have the right to file a complaint in connection with processing of their personal data. All inquiries and complaints will be processed by us in due time and in line with our internal procedures.

In the unlikely event that customers sustained damages due to any violation of their rights under the personal data protection policy, and ROMCARBON S.A. has failed to apply the right treatment to the relevant complaint thereof, customers have the possibility to escalate the complaint to higher authorities.

Complains can be emailed at

Amendments of this policy

This policy can be amended from time to time, for instance, further to amendments o the relevant legislation or to changes of the corporate structure of ROMCARBON S.A. When amendments are made hereto, customers will be notified by email or via the website before such amendments coming into force. We urge customers to check out this page on a regular basis to remain informed about the latest developments in our privacy practices.

Effective as of: 24 May 2018


Given our products variety, their quality, the friendship relations and solid partnerships, our clients’ portfolio gathers all size of companies, from small, one-employee businesses, to large international corporations. Thus, our clients are:
major hypermarket chains present in Romania;
large units of milling;
companies from the baking industry;
sugar and salt manufacturers;
companies in the cereals, fodder and fertilizer area;
hardware retailers;
"HoReCa" companies;
plastic processors which use injection, extrusion and thermo-forming process;
Companies of Romanian State operating in the chemical and petrochemical, mining, marine and other industry etc.
We express our gratitude to our clients for the trust and confidence they placed in us and we commit to keep on offering them not just products, but solutions at all their needs through enthusiastic involvement and openness, proving empathy and readiness.


In our company, the supply of raw materials and services is performed according to specific internal procedures. Thus, Romcarbon has at least 3 suppliers for each raw material purchased.
Amongst our suppliers are some of the leading companies in Europe and our collaboration with them is deployed only based on written contracts.
The most important raw materials purchased by the company are:
Granules of polypropylene, polyethylene, polystyrene;
Plastic wastage;
Chemical additives;
Masterbatchs and inks;
Metal parts;
Filter paper;
Rubber fittings;
Metal sheet;
Limbs and loops;
Cardboard packaging;
Accessories for sewing;
Industrial oils;
In order to make sure that we provide our customers the best products at the best price, we are open to new collaborations. In this respect, we are ready to analyze business proposals coming from potential new suppliers. Our purchase policy is "Required quality at the lowest price."


- InfoTech Solutions
- Energo Install
- EcoPack Management

Green Industry:
- GreenTech -
- GreenFiber -
- GreenWeee -

- Livingjumbo Industry SA - &


LIVING Fresh mets Poland in Pakfood 2017

This year the Poznań International Fair was celebrating its 95th anniversary.

During 25 to 28th of September, LIVING Fresh was part of Pakfood – a thought-through strategy within Poland’s borders. Attending the fair gave us the opportunity to both display our products and became more aware of our competition. Obviously, there is more competition on the exhibition market now than before. However, healthy competition has always driven change and development.

As a result, exhibiting Pakfood helped us to:

build new customer database;

strengthen customer contacts;

showcase and promote products on Polish market;

build our company image;

create and strengthen our brand;

Pakfood 2017 was a great experience, as we managed to learn more about customer expectations, we received immediate feedback on our products, find local product distributors and showcase our products by stimulating the 5 senses of attendees.

We will live the experiance again, next year, May 29th to June 1st, in Milan, during IPACK-IMA 2018 ! Looking forward and hope to see u there !

LIVING Fresh mets Poland in Pakfood 2017

Romcarbon exhibited a wide range of polyethylene packaging at Interpack

Romcarbon exhibited this year at Interpack, the world's largest trade fair for the packaging industry.

Present along the leading players in the packaging industry, at Romcarbon’s booth visitors have found a wide range of polyethylene packaging for the following markets / applications:

AGRICULTURE – UV stabilized film for greenhouses, black film for mulch, transparent film for plant germination, anti-dripping bags, bags and covers for fruits;

INDUSTRY and CONSTRUCTION – thermos shrinkable film and covers, LDPE film for FFS (Form Fill Seal) Packaging, film for construction work;

HOUSEHOLD – garbage bags made 100% of recycled polyethylene.


The fair ran from May 4 to 10 in Dusseldorf and brought together the world's most prestigious packing companies, Romcarbon being one of the few Romanian companies to exhibit at this prestigious event.

At the end of 2015, Romcarbon implemented an investment in state-of-the-art technology for polyethylene processing, an investment that led to an increase in capacity to over 1,000 tons per month, but also to product portfolio diversification.

Romcarbon has more than 65 years of experience in plastics processing and polyethylene packaging.

Interpack 2017 is the most important event of the year in the packaging industry, a milestone in the field. By participating in Interpack, Romcarbon has managed to establish a significant number of contacts with potential partners across Europe.

Romcarbon exhibited a wide range of polyethylene packaging at Interpack

Romcarbon attended the Individual Investor Forum organized by the Bucharest Stock Exchange

Saturday, 29 October 2016, Bucharest Stock Exchange organized the 5th edition of Individual Investors Forum in Bucharest.

Romcarbon had the honor to present its own story within the panel "Case Studies. Success stories of companies listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange".

We believe that our experience was an inspiration to other companies and that private investors in the audience were convinced that Romcarbon is the right choice for their investments in the medium and long term.

LivingJumbo Industry officially launches the brand "Living Fresh" at the Meat Industry Congress

LivingJumbo launched Living fresh - the newest Romanian brand for fresh food packaging suitable for all segments of the food industry. The packaging is unique on the local market, Livingjumbo Industry being the first producer of MAP packaging in Romania.

Living Fresh brings together two product categories- rigid packaging- called Living form & semi-rigid and flexible film, called Living flex. Living flex is the first local label of film in 9 layers, coextruded, for special packaging: multilayer film for sealing, flowpack and flexible thermoforming.

LivingJumbo Industry was main partner of the Meat Industry Congress, held this year on April 14th at Rin Grand Hotel, under the name "The FUTURE of meat industry ...TODAY".

For photo gallery, please access the page Media- Photos.

LivingJumbo Industry

2014 BSDA Exhibition

Dear All,

Romcarbon is inviting you to visit 2014 BSDA Exhibition - the fifth edition of the exhibition "Black Sea Defense & Aerospace " - the only exhibition in Romania officially certified by the Department of Commerce of the United States of America!

Between 14 to 16 May 2014 , you can find us at Romaero SA Baneasa, in pavilion no. 5 , Stand A 123.

When you say breathing protection materials, you say Romcarbon - Buzau, because our company is the exclusive producer for these product categories in Romania.

Masks and semi-masks offering protection against toxic gases for industrial use, gas masks for military and civil defence use, insulated masks with free aspiration of the clean air, masks for self rescue for miners, filter cartridge or cartridges against various noxious regeneration, all having our ROMCARBON logo.

Therefore, are waitting for you to see them all on:

Wednesday, the 14th of May, between 12:00 to 5:00 p.m.
Thursday, the 15th of May, between 10:00-17:00
Friday, the 16th of May, between 10:00-17:00

Employees’ magazine – no.1

Press Articles






For further clarifications/supplimentary information please send a request in writing to the company headquarters in Buzau, at No.132 Transylvania, county. Buzau, in attention of Investor Relations Department, fax 0238710697 or to the following e-mail addresses:;;

Investor relations

About Romcarbon SA’ shares

Regulated market where the issued securities are traded: Bucharest Stock Exchange, Standard Category.
The main characteristics of the securities issued by the company: 264,122,096 registered shares, dematerialized, with a nominal value of 0.1 lei.
Symbol : ROCE
Bloomberg BBGID : BBG000BS22M4
Part of indices : BETPlus

Share price information
Date Volume Value Open
30.10.2020 23,000 2,682.50 0.1165 0.1175 0.1165 0.1165 0.1175
29.10.2020 267,350 31,108.28 0.1140 0.1165 0.1140 0.1165 0.1160
28.10.2020 347,000 40,208.68 0.1150 0.1175 0.1145 0.1160 0.1155
27.10.2020 3,056 351.55 0.1150 0.1170 0.1150 0.1150 0.1170
26.10.2020 362,000 42,121.00 0.1170 0.1170 0.1155 0.1165 0.1155
23.10.2020 35,000 4,138.85 0.1180 0.1185 0.1180 0.1185 0.1185
22.10.2020 272,030 31,694.02 0.1160 0.1180 0.1160 0.1165 0.1165
20.10.2020 2,250,000 258,690.00 0.1130 0.1150 0.1130 0.1150 0.1150
19.10.2020 227,200 25,787.20 0.1135 0.1135 0.1135 0.1135 0.1135
16.10.2020 227,200 25,787.20 0.1135 0.1135 0.1135 0.1135 0.1135
15.10.2020 180,000 20,456.00 0.1140 0.1140 0.1135 0.1135 0.1135
14.10.2020 23,320 2,654.08 0.1165 0.1165 0.1135 0.1140 0.1155
12.10.2020 285,230 32,436.43 0.1175 0.1175 0.1135 0.1135 0.1155
09.10.2020 50,270 5,806.19 0.1155 0.1155 0.1155 0.1155 0.1155
08.10.2020 315,755 35,990.81 0.1140 0.1160 0.1135 0.1140 0.1135
06.10.2020 26,000 3,003.00 0.1155 0.1155 0.1155 0.1155 0.1155
05.10.2020 123,000 14,391.00 0.1170 0.1170 0.1170 0.1170 0.1170
02.10.2020 3,000 346.50 0.1155 0.1155 0.1155 0.1155 0.1155
01.10.2020 50,422 5,804.42 0.1155 0.1175 0.1150 0.1150 0.1175
30.09.2020 294,618 34,200.85 0.1165 0.1170 0.1150 0.1160 0.1150
29.09.2020 238,000 27,913.52 0.1185 0.1185 0.1165 0.1175 0.1165
25.09.2020 432,050 50,660.60 0.1185 0.1185 0.1170 0.1175 0.1175
24.09.2020 245,950 28,827.58 0.1175 0.1185 0.1170 0.1170 0.1185
23.09.2020 53,000 6,245.60 0.1195 0.1195 0.1175 0.1180 0.1175
22.09.2020 948,950 113,611.07 0.1195 0.1210 0.1180 0.1195 0.1195
18.09.2020 70,000 8,330.53 0.1195 0.1195 0.1190 0.1190 0.1190
17.09.2020 70,000 8,330.53 0.1195 0.1195 0.1190 0.1190 0.1190
16.09.2020 147,750 17,450.80 0.1210 0.1215 0.1180 0.1180 0.1180
15.09.2020 271,630 32,253.58 0.1200 0.1200 0.1180 0.1185 0.1200
14.09.2020 227,990 27,241.80 0.1200 0.1205 0.1190 0.1195 0.1190

Note: For further details regarding the Romcarbon’s share, please visit the company page at BVB HERE.


LIVING PLASTIC INDUSTRY S.R.L. loc. BUZAU jud. BUZAU86,774,50832.85 %
Other legal entities10,589,9834.01 %
Individuals112,562,51642.62 %
Note: Data provided by DEPOZITARUL CENTRAL SA as per September 30, 2020.
The shareholders’ structure will be updated quarterly.

Financial calendar

Upcoming eventsDate
Publication of the Separate financial results - 3rd Quarter 2020 - unaudited12.11.2020

Financial information/Presentations
Annual financial statements excel format
Interim financial statements excel format
Financial Analysts

For this moment there aren’t any information.

Note: If you are a financial analyst who periodically draws reports regarding the results of our company and you agree that your name appears in this section, please write to us at


YearDividendGMS date (dividend)Distribution procedure
20180.00400029.08.2019Link (EN)
20170.00760001.08.2018Link (EN)
20160.00760001.08.2017Link (EN)
20150.00850028.04.2016Link (EN)
20140.00760029.04.2015Link (EN)
20130.00380029.04.2014Link (RO)
20120.00606229.04.2013Link (RO)

Note: You can download HERE the IBAN Collection Form or by accessing the Central depository's website.
You can access our company's dividend policy on the Corporate Governance section.

Corporate governance
Questions and answers

Mihaela JURUBITA - tel. +40238.711.155, int. 130
Adrian COMAN - tel. +40238.711.155, int. 130

For further clarifications/supplimentary information please send a request in writing to the company headquarters (Buzau, 132 Transilvania street, postal code 120012), in attention of Investor Relations Department, by fax at number +40238710697 or to e-mail address

General Shareholders Meetings


Annual reports


Annual report - individual consolidated financial statements

Annual Report - Separate and consolidated financial statements

Annual report regarding the preliminary separate financial statements

Report - Separate preliminary financial statements


Annual report - individual consolidated financial statements

Annual Report - Separate and consolidated financial statements

Annual report consolidated financial statements

Consolidated Non-financial declaration

Annual report regarding the preliminary separate financial statements

Report - Separate preliminary financial statements


Annual report - individual consolidated financial statements

Anual Report - Separate and consolidated financial statements

Annual report regarding the preliminary separate financial statements

Report - Separate preliminary financial statements



Current Reports


Semestrial Reports


Non-financial consolidated declaration


Non-financial consolidated declaration 2019

ROMCARBON SA, in accordance with the legislation in force, publishes in the Consolidated Financial Statements, in the report of the Board of Directors, a Non-financial declaration. This declaration is published also under this section.


Non-financial consolidated declaration 2018

ROMCARBON SA, in accordance with the legislation in force, publishes in the Consolidated Financial Statements, in the report of the Board of Directors, a Non-financial declaration. This declaration is published also under this section.


Non-financial consolidated declaration 2017

ROMCARBON SA, in accordance with the legislation in force, publishes in the Consolidated Financial Statements, in the report of the Board of Directors, a Non-financial declaration. This declaration is published also under this section.

Bucharest Stock Exchage Listing


Evolutia capitalului social al societatii din 1991 pana in prezent

CIM 6488 2007

CIM 10090 2007


Evolutia capitalului social al societatii din 1991 pana in prezent

CIM 12313 2005


Evolutia capitalului social al societatii din 1991 pana in prezent

CIM 6540 2003


Evolutia capitalului social al societatii din 1991 pana in prezent

CIM 2219 2001


Evolutia capitalului social al societatii din 1991 pana in prezent

CIM 3851 1997


Evolutia capitalului social al societatii din 1991 pana in prezent

CIM 2619 1996


Evolutia capitalului social al societatii din 1991 pana in prezent

CIM 4176 1995

CIM 5695 1995


Evolutia capitalului social al societatii din 1991 pana in prezent

CIM 6249 1994


Evolutia capitalului social al societatii din 1991 pana in prezent

CIM 1653 1993

CIM 2484 1993


Evolutia capitalului social al societatii din 1991 pana in prezent

CIM 2082 1992


Company Profile
Romcarbon is a competitive and dynamic environment, a growing company.
We believe that exceptional results can be obtained only by working in team, that's why team performance is of major importance when assesing an employee.

Candidate Profile
Romcarbon chooses its emplyoees according to "criterion of excellence". Within this company will work only those who have the desire, ability and potential to ensure sustainable development. We seek and encourage creativity, initiative, dedication and professionalism. Exigency toward self is an essential attitude of every member of our team.

Romcarbon is constantly updating it's database, so you can check our available positions and send your CV accordingly, together with a statement of purpose, specifying the position for which you apply.

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Head Office Buzau

Registration no.: J10/83/1991
VAT no.: RO 1158050

Address: 132 Transilvaniei Street, Postal code 120012, BUZAU, ROMANIA

Phone: (+40) 238 711 155
(+40) 238 717 383
(+40) 238 717 384
(+40) 238 717 385

Fax: (+40) 238 710 697
(+40) 238 710 722
(+40) 238 711 050

Field-Office Bucharest

164A Barbu Vacarescu Blvd, Office Building – C3, 3rd floor,
Phone: (+40) 311 065 080
Fax: (+40) 311 065 086



(+40) 338 101 126


(+40) 238 710 746


(+40) 238 717 383
(+40) 238 717 384


(+40) 311 040 381
(+40) 311 040 382
(+40) 311 040 383
(+40) 238 717 385
Fax: (+40) 311 040 384


(+40) 238 710 042


(+40) 238 717 385



Oana Steluta LABES

(+40) 238 445 524
(+40) 238 711 050
(+40) 338 105 397




(+40) 238 711 558


Legal Adviser


(+40) 238 711 155 (int. 130)
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